Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Chicklettes !

"Welcome" to our new additions!

So, guess what I have in my dining room today!!

 ... Six baby chicks.

 Three bantam, three tinted tetra.
We brought them home on Saturday and they are sooo  cute!

So how did this great acquisition come about?       
We had been thinking of getting a few chicks either this spring or next. Also, I had also promised 'Becka and 'Liz an angora bunny as a pet sometime soon. On the way home from the park on Saturday we stopped at Tractor Supply Co. to look at fence panels and, guess what... They had the spring chicks in!!
 Okay, they were cute and all, but we did not have a brooder ready for them and were not planning on bringing they home.  However, I went around the corner and saw a rabbit cage.  Just the right size to hold a half-dozen chicks for a couple weeks while we put together their permanent coop.
So, when the chicks are out of the cage, the little girls are all set to get a bunny.

You know what we will be doing next weekend, building a chicken coop.  I hope to get some pictures up for you  as that gets constructed.

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